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Teen Read & Review Submissions

Get volunteer service hours for doing what you love: reading! Teens in grades 7 through 12 are welcome to submit reviews. If you have any questions, email our Teen Librarian, Janis.


  1. Read/listen to any book, audiobook, or graphic/manga (re-reads count!). Feature-length movies count as well.
  2. Every 100 pages = 1 volunteer hour + 1 hour for writing the review itself.
    • For movies, the film run-time is rounded to the nearest half-hour, plus 1 hour for writing the review itself, to calculate the volunteer hours.
  3. Write a short review between 150-250 words. Note: this is not a summary, but a review. Give your opinion on the book! What kind of readers would be interested in this story? Remember to give some plot details, but avoid spoilers.
  4. Submit below.
  5. Get featured on our Teen Reviews page!